Tips for Creating Great Lead Magnets

If you’re building an email list (and what site owner isn’t?), you already know that email is one of the most important media when you’re trying to turn a lead into a paying customer. While blogs and social media pages are great for building brand awareness, email is king when it comes to converting and growing leads. However, it can be difficult to get prospects who find you elsewhere onto your email list. For that task, you’ll need a high-converting landing page, and a great lead magnet. While the former is a topic for another article, we’ll cover the latter here.


What is a Lead Magnet?

Some marketers call them by other names, such value-adders and even bribes, but they all boil down to the same thing. Lead magnets are something valuable offered to an audience in exchange for providing their contact info. The giveaway could be a video series, app, whiteboard video graphics pack, eBook or almost anything else that could be considered high-value by your target market. In 2017, most people use ebooks and report as lead magnets and they get them by visit a plr products shop and buying a ready made lead magnet that they can edit and re-brand and use to build their list. So for example, let’s say you know your audience wants to learn about “affiliate marketing”, you could then purchase some affiliate marketing PLR from a quality provider, rebrand it and give it to your subscribers for free or use to as a lead magnet to get people to want to join your list.


Why do Site Owners Need Lead Magnets?

Simply asking a visitor to give up their personal info isn’t enough anymore, unless the visitor already trusts you and wants to hear what you have to say. People’s email inboxes are inundated with junk newsletters, and many are reluctant to join yet another mailing list. To convince them, you’ll need to offer them something irresistible. By offering something sought-after, like hot confidence PLR, you’ll encourage more signups—and you’ll build more relationships. You could even use marketing PLR as articles on your blog and then use a lead magnet as a popup to build your list, since blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic.

Creating High-Converting Lead Magnets

Now that you’ve learned how important it is to offer prospects something of value, you’re going to learn how to create a lead magnet that converts. The best lead magnets have two major parts: medium and substance.

  • Substance is the value provided to your prospects. When you give away content in exchange for signups, the content should help readers overcome an issue or solve a niche-specific problem.
  • Medium is the manner in which your lead magnet is presented (such as a report, podcast or video seminar). A great subject isn’t enough; you’ll need to offer your video plr courses in a way that’s easily digestible for your audience. Find out your audience’s preferred medium with a quick survey of no more than three questions.

You should learn the basics of SEO to gain traffic to your lead magnets, what I did when I started was…I purchase a SEO PLR product, learned from it, then changed the name of the product, rebranded it and started selling it to get back the money I spent when I invested in it. So that’s a great idea to not only learn, but earn after you learn.

The only method by which you can find out what your customers are looking for is to ask. If you want to cover all your bases, though, you can use different media to create multiple home business PLR lead magnets, using the same content as a base. Yes, it’s more labor-intensive, but it will be worthwhile when you get three times as more leads from the same campaign.